ThinPoint is a user session and apps virtualization technology, providing a set of vital Microservices around application delivery from data centers. Compared to current Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technologies, ThinPoint offers a higher level of software compatibility and a great infrastructure cost saving.

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Reduce IT TCO

Using Centralized Virtual Desktop and Virtualized Applications, reduce IT cost of ownership dramatically.

Remote Desktop

Build always-on Remote Desktops accessible from any desk or client connected to the Internet

Desktop Consolidation

Consolidate User Desktops inside corporate Server rooms and Data Center.

Adaptive Management

Use existing management tools to manage ThinPoint Virtual Desktop Environment.

Resource Allocation

Intelligent CPU, memory allocation for each user application.

Green Computing

Using a mix of Thin Client computing and Centralized Desktop solution; reduce your organization carbon footprint by upto 50%

ThinPoint VPD couples Server Based Computing and Desktop Virtualization in a unique architecture which is already known to users and tested by administrators reducing the adaptation and learning curves.

How to use it?
  1. Slash your IT cost of ownership by up-to 70%.
  2. Reduce your IT power consumption and cooling requirements to nearly 50%.
  3. By using Thin Clients, stop paying to buy and upgrade desktop hardware.
  4. Secure your business information by maintaining access to a single source of data.
  5. Increase your business productivity by Instantly provisioning and delivering Business Desktops and Applications to the users.
  6. Run your Business Desktops and Applications remotely without installing and maintaining them on remote computers and Thin Clients.
  7. Provide secure and simplified remote access to your Network, User Desktops and Applications via Web.
  8. Provide the same level of IT services to branch offices without replicating Data and Infrastructure.
  9. Simplify IT management task by installing, securing and upgrading all of your user Desktops and Applications from a Single Windows Desktop OS image.
  1. Up to 120 Virtual Desktop per Desktop host (server) hardware*.
  2. Compatible with Thin Client, Windows, Linux and MAC clients.
  3. Two-Factor USB Authentication client and Universal VPN (Compatible with Windows clients.
  4. Supports local printing using PrintPoint Universal Printer.
  5. Supports WebPoint Application Web Access.
  6. Application publishing with user and group permission to applications with AD and E-Directory support.
  7. CPU utilization management per application per session for much smoother remote user experience.
  8. 128 Bit encrypted session connection.
  9. Supports local Drive mapping.
  10. Supports remote multimedia.
  11. Seamlessly interface and authenticates with existing Domain controllers (Windows Active directory, E-directory, LDAP).
  12. 100% Support for windows roaming profile.
  13. Works with as little as 10K bandwidth.

* Subject to CPU, memory and other resource availability

How to use it?

- The installation process takes around 10 minutes to complete.
- No special technical skills required to install the software.
- Have a USB drive ready to create access client.


  1. Download the Server software using the download link.
  2. Install the Server software on a Windows XP (SP2 or SP3) , Vista (Business and Enterprise), Windows 7 host desktop or Terminal Server which you like the users to access.
  3. During installation click on "Evaluate ThinPoint" button for a fully featured 2-user 14-day trial.
  4. Select Applications you wish to access remotely using ThinPoint Provisioning Manager. For more information please consult ThinPoint Quick Installation Guide.
  5. When prompted insert the USB drive to create Universal Client. You may provide the Windows user account information you wish to provide access to or allow the user to provide their own during initial login. You can use the USB client to access ThinPoint host desktop or selected applications inside or outside of your network without changing your firewall.
  6. Reboot the host as instructed by the installer to finalize the installation process.
  7. When accessed by a user, selected applications will be added to the client Start menu. User can run them as if they were installed on the client Desktop.
  8. Depending on the number of ThinPoint licenses purchased, multiple users can connect to the ThinPoint host. Each connected user will be given an individual Virtual Desktop.
  9. For more info, please consult ThinPoint Quick Installation Guide.


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